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Aikido Republic began as a blog whilst I was the head instructor at Griffith Aikido and later became a dojo for mostly yudansha all around the Brisbane area. This dojo became a kind of laboratory for synthesising learnings from 20 years of aikido with  my biomechanics research with many of Australia elite sports organisations. My aikido  training progressed, was marked by a cupboard full of certificates,  hosting many fine teachers as well as opportunities to study abroad, Japan and Australia including a sprinkling of Aikido and other MA schools too.

My biomechanics expertise arose from that of a physics background which grew into psychophysiology research and then developing wearable devices to improve athlete performance. 
All of these experiences came together in the dojo and with like minded argonauts we strove to unpick the nuggets of the traditional training method by daring to ask why. 
Whilst I now longer run a dojo a get to one frequently as my children have taken up the art and continue to think deeply about it  and how it works. Some ruminations are on the AikiPhysics, How to throw and Aikibody menus to the left. They are works in progress.

If you have been told it takes 20 years to master, to stop asking questions and follow a guru teacher i wish you well, but it may take you twenty years to discover you (and your wallet) have been led down the garden path. Sure you'll have some nice skills, a pretty certificate or two and probably a smattering of philosophy/ideology to give your life meaning. But you might still be curious about what Aiki is?? Aiki is all there in  the first lesson you learnt, wether you teacher understood it or not. You may even have felt it - but if it can't be communicated to you what is the use.

This is what I think Aiki, as manifested in physical practice is:
1: Have someone throw them self with minimum effort and input from you
2: Has physical and psychology components that define the interaction between you and a partner
3. The techniques of Aiki are actually kata. These kata are examples of Aiki but are not AIKI themselves. There  are multiple phases entry, unbalance, free movement, throw or pin - each teach something about aiki. only part of a kata is required
4. the ground has infinite power that can be channelled
5. most people stop learning Aiki by about brown belt (ikkyu) and are just polishing their technique for the rest of their careers
6. Old teacher was no good but my new teacher os amazing is the dominant methodology for those with blind faith in the process…but there is so much more to Aiki

I believe the below to be the simplest explanation, so much so that many are disappointed to learn it (and it only takes an hour)

1. Throwing is to move the one point (centre of mass of COM) outside of the foot area (Base of support -BOS) and we want to do with minimum effort 
2. Aiki happens below the threshold of perception. Your partner  can lose their balance without being aware of it. This is true for high level soccer players and ballet dancers
3. Minimum effort comes from optimal position and angle and amount.
 - 3a optimum position minimise partners BOS, maximise yours
 - 3b optimal angle. Aiki is opposite and you have to  go up through your partner to throw them down
 - 3c if you push or pull and you partner feels it they can react. instead freeze their BOS

These principles can 
 - Give you the most amazing unbendable arm
- Nikkyo and other techniques stop working on you
- You will have infinite power (when compared to your partner) 
- All techniques can be performed effortlessly and Ki tests will no longer exist

These days while I don’t t get to the dojo much I have worked as a biomechanics consultant and been able to transform the practice of many an Aikidoka in as little as one hour.

Aikido Republic’s dojo is currently in recess, with individual members continuing their activities at other dojos and in a small private training group. We would like to thank everyone for their commitment to the open, inclusive training environment we had and contributing to the experience of the practice of Aiki.

For any interested in pursuing this fascinating art we recommend the following dojos approaches to the study of Aiki: 

 Bayside Budokai Aikido Samford. We have also enjoyed excellent interaction and support from Brisbane Aikikai and Aikido Goshinaki dojo(s) over the years.

Try Aikido Capalaba for kids classes

for other dojos in Brisbane please see our listings or contact the Great Ocean Aikido Community

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One does not need buildings, money, power, or status to practice the Art of Peace. Heaven is right where you are standing, and that is the place to train"
Morehei Ueshiba, 
Founder of Aikido
from the Art of Peace, J. Stevens

"Don’t fight. Use ki. 
Don’t resist. Take ukemi", Koretoshi Maruyama, 
Founder Aikido Yuishinkai 

"Your aikido will only improve when your concept of aikido improves"
Kenjiro Yoshigasaki
Founder Ki Society Internationale

"In your training do not be in a hurry, for it takes a minimum of ten years to master the basics and advance to the first rung. Never think of yourself as an all-knowing, perfected master; you must continue to train daily with your friends and students and progress together in the Art of Peace." 
Morehei Ueshiba, 
Founder of Aikido
from the Art of Peace, J. Stevens

"Aikido is a way: There is commitment and there is obligation. Do not abuse or misuse the art of aikido. Study carefully, honestly and humbly. Respect your elders and look after your juniors.". Seiichi Sugano, Aikikai Australia

Interested in Aikido? Already doing Aikido? Doing another martial art but want to try some Aikido? Brisbane Aikido Republic  invites serious men and women to join them in learning and exploring the art of Aikido together. Classes are available in the Mt. Gravatt area of Brisbane. If you are serious about trying aikido you are welcome at our dojo. Classes follow a traditional structure with the spirit of learning together.

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